Specialty Organic Latin American Coffee

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Pure and quality coffee

Our flavored coffees, fresh to the palate. With innovative aromas, they provide lightness and fascination with each cup. Delight yourself with flavors capable of awakening unique sensations.

Several types, for many different tastes, all made with care and correctly packaged, to preserve the flavor and quality.

Good feelings.
Antioxidant actions
Reduces chronic diseases
Helps in sports activity
Effects on appetite

Our Certification Process

Facilities, manufacturing process, and environmental care.
Our products are lovingly cared for and prepared at facilities with the highest quality certification standards, holding ISOs 9001 and 14000. In a nutshell, these facilities are obliged to adhere to the highest possible standards during all roasting and grinding processes. This promises absolute product purity, with coffee beans packaged and delivered to our esteemed customers worldwide.
Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Rainforest Alliance Certification seal indicates that the product (or a
specified ingredient) was produced by farmers, foresters, and/or companies working in harmony to create a better world where people and nature thrive in unity.

USDA Organic Certified

eets all certifications made for the North American Market (USA). IBD is accredited with the adoption of the USDA/NOP standard and is exclusively valid for these.

Europe Organic Product

Meets all certifications made for the European Common Market.
IBD is accredited with equivalent standards and IBD Guidelines, with the approval of European accreditors in line with European standards.


DEMETER is the brand that identifies biodynamic products worldwide. Their certified products are part of an international ecological network linked to DEMETER International, headquartered in Switzerland.

DEMETER products are produced in Brazil under the audit certification system and are exclusively certified by IBD Certifications.

Swiss Water Process

Swiss Water® Process uses water, temperature, and time elements to produce some of the most intriguing decaf coffee in the world. We accentuate this process by adding local water and a dash of loving attention by monitoring time and temperature until the coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free.

Brazilian Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffees are beans that present distinct sensory attributes and are free from impurities or defects. These attributes, such as a clean cup, sweetness, a balanced body, and acidity, place the beverage above 80 points on the sensory analysis spectrum.

Over and above intrinsic quality, specialty coffees must also be
certified for traceability and sustainability (environmentally, economically, and socially) from seed to cup.

Brazilian Organic Product

Meets all Organic Certifications made by the IBD domestically and used in conjunction with the Brazilian Organic Products Seal.


IFOAM is the worldwide organization for the organic movement, bringing together 750+ member organizations across 116 countries. IFOAM offers a market guarantee for organic products. The Organic Guarantee System (OGS) unites the organic world through a standard structure of norms, verifications, and market identity while promoting equality between IFOAM participants (accredited certifiers). This is how IFOAM is paving the way towards a more orderly and reliable future of trade, all while giving credibility to consumers of organic “brands”.

IBD Organic Certified

The IBD Organic seal boasts triple the validity while simultaneously
meeting three strict standards, which can be viewed below. When enrolling in IBD, you must specify which standard you want to be certified for the seals below:


ISO 14001

ISO 14001 identifies and establishes the criteria for an environmental management system, and products can be certified to it. In addition, it maps out a framework that a company or organization may follow to establish an effective environmental management system.

Designed for any organization, regardless of its activity or sector, ISO 14001 gives company management, employees, and external stakeholders reassurance that environmental impact is being measured and improved upon at all times.

ISO 9001

This specific standard is based on several quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, the motivation and involvement of top management, a process approach, and continuous improvement.

These principles are explained in more detail in ISO’s quality management principles. Using ISO 9001 helps companies ensure that their customers are getting consistently high-quality products and services, which, in turn, brings invaluable benefits to the business at hand.

Discover our products

Pure Latin Organic Coffee

Medium – 100% Arabica
Ground Roasted Specialty Coffee

Pure Latin Organic Coffee is the ultimate gift in taste and aroma. Our organic blend offers welcome caramelized notes with medium acidity and body. This premium specialty coffee is perfect for any time of day.

Origin: Brazil
Specialty Category: 80/84
Altitude: 1.125m / 3.690ft

Pure Latin Organic Coffee

Medium – 100% Arabica
Roasted Specialty Whole Coffee Beans

Pure Latin Organic Coffee is the ultimate gift in taste and aroma.  Our organic blend offers welcome caramelized notes with medium acidity and body.  This premium specialty coffee is perfect for any time of day.

Origin: Brazil
Specialty Category: 80/84
Altitude: 1.125m / 3.690ft

Pure Latin Morning Bourbon Coffee

Full bodied – 100% Arabica
Ground Roasted Specialty Coffee

Pure Latin Morning Bourbon has a sweet aroma with citric notes, present body, pronounced acidity and a long finish. Due to its demanding cultivation and rigorous selection process, this cup of coffee is a true luxury and the best choice to start your day.

Origin: Brazil
Specialty Category: 80/84
Altitude: 1.125m / 3.690ft

Pure Latin Evening Comfort Coffee

Decaffeinated – 100% Arabica
Ground Roasted Specialty Coffee

After a long day, there´s nothing like enjoying Pure Latin Evening Comfort, a perfect roast of carefully chosen beans that preserve an intense aroma and taste without the effects of caffeine. Rest assured; our decaf is produced with an exclusive Swiss Water process that extracts 99.9% of the caffeine found in coffee.

Origin: Brazil
Specialty Category: 80/84
Altitude: 1.125m / 3.690ft

Pure Latin Afternoon Mild Coffee

Balanced – 100% Arabica
Ground Roasted Specialty Coffee

Need a well-deserved afternoon boost? Whether you’re relaxing at home or need a gentle pick-me-up at work, Pure Latin Afternoon Mild is perfectly balanced, with medium body and acidity and a sweet aroma with chocolate notes.

Origin: Brazil
Specialty Category: 80/84
Altitude: 1.125m / 3.690ft

Pure Latin Biodynamic Coffee

100% Arabica
Ground Roasted Specialty Coffee

Biodynamic coffee beans are grown in their natural environment using regenerative farming practices. Pure Latin Biodynamic Coffee is certified by Demeter International and is cultivated respecting the integration between soil, plants, animals, humans and the cosmos. This is a smooth coffee with medium roast, sweet flavor and floral aroma.

Origin: Brazil
Specialty Category: 80/84
Altitude: 1.125m / 3.690ft

The company uses a delicate process to toast the grains produced in these farms in order to turn them into a tasty and differentiated special gourmet coffee.

A brand that never stops innovating

Pioneer in the creation of flavored coffees and one of the first brands to enter the multi-strength coffee market. Innovation is one of Pure Latin’s strongest pillars. Today, Pure Latin reaches thousands of people and is highly recognized for its authentic taste and high quality.

Today our greatest virtue are:


Green Coffee Beans For Roasters

Sourced directly from Brazilian farmers, learn how you can order these premium beans for your own roasting pleasure or provide to other specialty roasters.

Roasted Coffee Beans

Learn more about how we roast our specialty coffee beans and what happens during this magical process.

Ground Coffee

Our roasted ground coffee goes through a precise grinding process so it’s always ready when you are.

Benefits Of Organic Specialty Coffee

Organic coffee has a high amount of antioxidants, which contribute to delaying the aging process and can also contribute to inhibiting the advancement of diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and Liver Cirrhosis.

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Clear your doubts

Still have questions?
Check out our most frequently asked questions here! But if you still need help please do not hesitate to contact us at support@pure-latin.com

Where does Pure Latin’s coffee come from?

Most of our coffee beans originate from Brazil, which is, today, the world’s largest
producer of coffee beans. Occasionally, we create specific blend mixtures by incorporating beans from other Latin American countries too (such as Colombia). Currently, all of our products are formulated purely from Brazilian coffee beans.

Do you have organic products available?

YES! Our ORGANIC coffee is available in two different formats: roasted and grounded (ready for espresso machines, French Presses, and cafetières) and roasted beans. Our organic coffee is ready for home grinding for your convenience. Each organic product in
our collection is certified by the most respected and recognized organizations
in the world, such as the Rainforest Alliance, the USDA, the European Common Market,
IFOAM, and the IBD.

What is Biodynamic coffee and how is it different than organic coffee?

Organic and biodynamic are indeed remarkably similar. Both are grown without chemicals or GMOs. The main difference between organic and biodynamic is that the latter involves a farming style that uses specific principles to add vitality to the
plant, soil, and/or livestock. Traditional farming, on the other hand, typically deteriorates the soil. The main principle of biodynamic farming is that the entire farm exists as a single entity, without the need for external influence. In other words, where an organic farm may purchase organic seeds or organic feed for livestock, a biodynamic farm must produce everything on-site.

Is your product gluten-free?

YES. All of our coffee products are 100% gluten-free.

Do you have other Latin American products available, or only coffee?

Yes, we have other Latin American products available, and we are also expanding our
brand to include other type of products too, such as rice, beans, coconut water, acai, corn, wheat, and soy products (among many others). These products will be also available on our website very soon. If you would like more information on our products, please get in touch with us today. Our team will be extremely happy to clarify any questions you may have.