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We also provide a wide variety of services to our clients and partners

Our company has offices in Brazil and London, and we directly interact with a number of South American farmers to obtain our produce. We have extensive knowledge of the administrative procedures involved in obtaining, packing, transporting, and exporting produce across international boundaries. We also have local expertise. If you are interested, we would love to provide your company with the same level of service.

How does the partnership work?

For Buyers

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For Sellers

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looking for new buyers?

Product Sourcing

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Market Expansion

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  • For Buyers
  • For Producers

For Buyers

If you’re a buyer searching for different options to purchase produce, we’re happy to assist you with the following:

We can help you discover new producers.
We’ll check the credit of new producers for you.
We can also get product samples for you to try.
If needed, we can provide packaging services.
We’ll perform a first line of quality control for you.
We’ll verify production scaling capabilities.
We’ll perform sanitary checks.
We’ll check for environmental compliance.
We’ll also check if they have anti-slavery policies in place.
We’ll make sure they have product quality certifications.

For Producers

if you’re a producer wanting to expand your reach to new markets, feel free to contact us as we’re experts in introducing products to new markets!
Here’s how we can help you:

We can provide a product viability report.
We’ll conduct competitor analysis for you.
We’ll assist you with product pricing.
We’ll help you navigate any local legislation barriers or checks.
We’ll ensure you’re complying with environmental regulations.
We’ll assist you with product packaging requirements.

Alternatively, if you prefer, we can buy your products from you andsell them in different markets ourselves. Either way, we’re here tohelp!

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